I Write words that make you money

The reason why your prospects aren’t converting into customers isn’t because of your funnel, your design, your fancy camera, or because of your A.I.

It’s because your copy sucks.

The #1 cause of a broken funnel is that your prospects are bored. Bored of bad VSLs, sales letters, and the same emails they see a hundred times a day.

Hop on a call with me and let’s make your business interesting again

 Invest Today • Sales Tomorrow 

How I Make You More Money

I write copy that turn your maybe prospects into yes customers. 


Writing good emails requires a deep understanding of your target audience, a compelling subject line, and engaging copy that prompts the reader to take action.

Your Story

Most entrepreneurs are garbage at telling their story because they want to be the hero. Instead I tell your story from the perspective of the "mentor". This creates a powerful brand narrative and separates you from the boring competition.


Writing webinars is so easy... once you've done it 100 times. I have studied and dissected every webinar and VSL framework on the market. Simply put; I kick total ass at this.


I write your ads to create attention-grabbing and persuasive copy that captures the interest of your target audience. Increasing conversions is the easiest way to print money.


your funnel isn't broken, IT IS just boring


In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd if you want to succeed.

Boring businesses that blend in with the competition are destined to fail.

Customers want to engage with brands that are unique, memorable and offer something different.

By standing out from the crowd, you demonstrate that you are innovative, creative, and willing to take risks to deliver exceptional products or services. In a world where customers have endless options, it’s the businesses that stand out that are more likely to thrive and succeed.

Email Copy That Turns Casual Fans Into Hardcore Groupies

Everyone knows that an email list is a valuable asset to any business…

But did you know that your email list can actually be a liability?

This is because many business owners don’t manage their lists properly.

They either don’t email their list enough, email their list TOO much, sell too often, sell too hard, or simply write lame and/or boring emails.

This sort of poor management of an email list can lead to your list getting populated by people who have lost interest in you or your content and products.

When your list becomes populated by these sorts of subscribers your open rates will drop, you’ll get moved into the promotion tab, and if you really let your list go it’s off to the spam folder with your emails.

Once that happens hurt your domain authority will drop, and search engines like Google and Youtube will punish you for it.

Next thing you know all your emails are going to spam, search engines are suppressing your website, and your sales take a hit…

But What If I Told You There Are 3 Tiny Email Marketing Hacks That Will Put You Back In The Primary Inbox, Catapault Open Rates, Sky-Rocket Sales, & Dramatically Decrease Your Spam Score

These 3 dirty little hacks are…

Emailing Your “YES” Customers:

This is all about segmenting your list properly. Some people want to hear from you every day and some people don’t, by emailing the right things to the right portions of your list you’ll be able to email your list every day without being banished to the shadow realm… I mean the spam folder. 

Response Hacking Your List:

Organically & Inorganically Increase The Number Of Subscribers Responding To You: The more you get people to respond to your emails the less sales-like and spammy the email service providers will think you are. This means the percentage of emails that go to your list’s primary inbox will increase. 

The Gettysburg Address Method:

Did you know that the dude who spoke before Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address spoke for 2 hours? Lincoln’s infamous speech was only 2 minutes. 

The Gettysburg Address method is all about determining the proper length of what your audience wants to hear.

But How? By Keeping Your Emails Short While Making Them Longer At The Same Time: 

That’s right I know a way to make all of your emails over 1,000 words while making sure your subscribers only read the most important 300 words. 

Every time you send out an email the email service providers (ESPs) tally up the number of “red flag” words in your email, if the % of red flag words is too high then it’s off the spam folder with you. 

By increasing the number of words in your email, you’re decreasing the percentage of red-flag words in your email, meaning you can sell hard without getting punished by the ESPs. 

While these three tricks are more than enough to blow up your sales and engagement with your list, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

I haven’t even touched on how to optimize your auto-responder to increase future sales, or the kinds of emails to actually use!

You Might Be Wondering... Who The Hell Are These Guys?

My name is Nico Sanchez and I’m basically the email copywriting version of Batman if Batman had luxurious flowing hair.

Below me is my right hand man Yousuf Ahmad, he’s like the Robin of this team. He’s an absolute marketing weapon who writes engaging content, highly converting copy, and is more reliable than a golden retriever. Sometimes we call him the “Y” bomb, because he’s a weapon of mass conversions. 

Together we’ve helped multiple 7 and 8-figure-a-year companies boost open rates by up to 428%, increased sales by 7X, and decreased the number of emails going to spam by up to 600%.

Obviously, I cherry-picked my best numbers, but every client I’ve worked with in the past 5 years has achieved similar results…

I’m able to consistently pull this off because not only do I write value-packed copy that captivates readers and make sales, but I use proven email marketing strategies that keep your list fresh and engaged – in order to keep your customers buying and consuming your content for years.

And these are the same strategies that the most successful and cutting-edge email marketers, like Ian Stanely, Alen Sultanic, and Troy Erickson use.

But if you want to work with me you gotta act fast.

I take client satisfaction and my reputation quite seriously.

Thus I only take on a handful of clients at a time, so click the button below to schedule a call with me to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

At the very least you’ll get some tips and insight on how to grow your list, and make your email marketing more profitable.


Chances are if you are reading this, you are thinking of hiring Nico. 

Don’t do it. 

Stay comfortable where you are. If you work with him, your friends and family will stop talking to you. Your relationships will change.

And you’ll probably need a lawyer (for a prenup, of course).

This is all a result of making way more money than you thought you could before. 

If you do want your life to change, then hire this man. 

Nico literally writes ads that print money. 

He took a contractor ad campaign about a basement and Star Wars and turned it into $70,045.17.

Tom Camp

Tom Camp Consulting

Nico is hands down the best copywriter, for anyone in the self development market, that I’ve ever seen.

He wrote a lead magnet and landing page combo that has generated me a list of over 60,000 subscribers in a few short months.

He has intricate digital marketing knowledge, and some serious money making skills.

He consistently delivers copy that outperforms anyone else I ever worked with, that doesn’t just make me a buttload of money, but that’s actually fun to read, informational, and engaging.

I 100% trust him with my business.

Matt Kellam

CEO of Minus 53 Media

I hired Nico after my previous list manager ran my email list into the ground with lazy cut/paste emails that got us down to sub-8% open rates. 

In just the first month, Nico increased open rates to 15% or more and his emails made over $20K/month from my list. 

Now, we regularly see 20% open rates and I’m very happy with our revenue per subscriber.

I trust Nico to run my entire list on his own. He manages my promo schedule, maintains deliverability, actively seeks out new affiliate offers to test, and he’s a breeze to work with. 

Best of all, he writes original, persuasive emails customized for my list (not generic swipes).

I never even have to think about email marketing anymore… and I’m free to focus on running traffic, creating new offers and growing my business.

Conor Boyland

Founder of 520 LLC

Working with Nico has always been a pleasure. His work has consistently delivered results well above industry standards and his work consistently converted at high levels. 


His clear understanding of our audience  allowed him to consistently write in a humorous and entertaining way. This resulted in A LOT of sales over the years!

Brett Alcorn

Founder of Pineapple Co

I was making a decent amount of money with email marketing, but Nico took me to a whole other level.

With a list of only 12,000 people they made me $10,000 on his first 10 days on the job.

He optimized my facebook ads, auto responder, and long form sales letters to convert better.

One sales page started converting close to 80% better with affiliates and to my email list.

I’d gladly name my first daughter after him.

Race DePriest

CEO of Attraction Rockstar

Nico was amazing to work with and I highly recommend anyone interested in improving their open rates and email sales to work with him.

He captured my voice perfectly over email and always came up with new and inventive ways to increase revenue.

Look no further if you want the same results.

Max Kramer

Founder of Tripp Advice



I didn’t just stumble upon these methods…

Nor did a wizard show up at my front door and invite me on a journey with multiple near-death experiences that led me to discover the secrets of copywriting and email marketing…

I’ve been an avid student of sales and marketing for over a decade now, have spent who knows how much money on the most up-to-date information, learning from the leaders of the industry, and implementing this knowledge with multiple clients over the years – and bringing them wild results. 

I’ve studied everything from top converting ads that ran back in 1920 to the secrets of today’s top marketing gurus. 

I’ve attended marketing conferences on every corner of the globe from Las Vegas to Singapore.

I have a data base with almost 100 gigabytes of typed out notes from every source of marketing and sales information I’ve gotten my hands on over the past decade, organized and interlinked in a way that I can easily find a solution to any marketing road block you’re facing. 

If you haven’t guessed I take this stuff pretty seriously, and that’s why my clients are all filthy rich. 

So if you want to achieve similar results as my clients, click below to book a call.