How Jordan Peterson Helped Cure My Morning Laziness

Okay… I’m not exactly lazy.

But I used to have an extremely hard time getting out of bed.

I’d wake up, turn my alarm off, go back to bed, then a second alarm would go off, I’d grab my phone, and scroll through social media for about an hour.

Sometimes I’d get up and start my day… other times I’d crawl from the bed to my couch, and spend another hour watching tv.

Because of these lazy morning habits my day started 2 or 3 hours later than it should have.

This was wasted time that could have been used at the gym, starting work early, reading, or doing anything else that was more constructive.

Now… I’ve followed Jordan Peterson for a few years, ever since his first appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, and I’ve listened to many of his talks on youtube (while skipping most of the religious stuff).

But it wasn’t until 2018, when I got his book ‘12 Rules For Life’ that I got one of the most valuable pieces of wisdom I’ve ever gotten, from anyone, not just good ol’ JP.

It was Rule Number 2 ‘Treat yourself like you would someone you are responsible for helping.’

Just the title of this chapter was a bit life changing for me…

Just reading the title made me realize the way I speak to myself is very different to the way I speak to people who seek my help and advice.

I read this chapter over and over again, wrote this down in big letters on my white board, repeated this sentence to myself in front of the mirror, and after a few weeks I’ve noticed my inner monologue change.

The normal – ‘let’s get another hour of sleep before I get up’ or ‘I can play one more match on my playstation before I start working’ transformed to a gentle reminder that I’d have more time and feel less stressed if I focused on the important things now, and played later.

After months of catching my inner monologue and shifting to a more authoritative but caring tone, the voice inside my head sounds more like ‘get up now, brush your teeth and take a shower – this will help you wake up, feel more energized and give you more time to do whatever you want to do with your day.’

As a result of this ONE rule I’ve been able to easily get all my client work done, get all my personal projects out of the way, and still have plenty of time to play with my dogs, play video games, take my girlfriend out to eat, and essentially do whatever I want.

The resistance I once had towards productivity has significantly dwindled down.

How do you combat resistance to get over your morning laziness?